Apply for Rooftop PV Solar

To apply for a rooftop photovoltaic (PV) solar installation, you can follow these steps:

1. Determine your energy needs and assess your roof's suitability:
The first step is to determine how much energy you need and whether your roof can support a solar installation. Consider factors such as roof size, orientation, shading, and slope. Use Solar Calculator to determine it.
2. Identify solar installation companies: Look for companies from the Installers list on this Portal for rooftop solar installations and compare their products, services, and prices. GEDA and GED has empanelled these companies and fixed the price. Any additional work is on chargeable basis which Consumer and Installer can finalize.
3. Get a site assessment and proposal: Schedule a site assessment with the chosen Installer to determine the specific details of your solar installation. The Installer will provide you with a proposal that includes the number and size of solar panels, the estimated cost, and the estimated energy production.
4. Review and sign the contract: Once you have reviewed the proposal and are satisfied with the details, you can sign the contract and schedule the installation.
5. Obtain necessary approvals: Before the installation can begin, you may need to register your application with GEDA and GED for necessary technical approvals and for subsidy. Your solar installation company can assist you with this process. You need to provide details to them and they will submit the application from their allotted logins on the Goa Solar Portal.
6. Complete the installation: The final step is to complete the installation of your rooftop solar system. This typically takes several days and involves the installation of the solar panels, the wiring, and the inverter. Upon Installation and submission of requisite documents, the subsidy will be provided.

If you are existed to know about this amazing product and time which is an investment tool, protects our environment for future generations and also provides electricity then click on “Apply for Rooftop Solar”. After the installation is complete, you can start enjoying the benefits of clean, renewable energy from your rooftop solar system!

Apply for Rooftop Solar


Note: The rates are as per the discovered rates by the DisCom and the actual price may vary based on your customization and the vendor selected by you. The saving is approximate and it may vary from rooftop solar PV system. The GOA portal, GED, DisCom, the AHAsolar is not at liable by any mismatch in the estimated generation and the actual generation. The User is advised to contact the Empanelled Installer and get the site surveyed with proper shadow analysis of the site where installation has to be done.


(You can apply through Empanelled Installer, Nearest DisCom office or Directly through the AHA Solar App)




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